Business and Commercial Litigation

At Reeves Law Firm, we have extensive experience with business and commercial litigation. Complex litigation matters require an attorney with the legal knowledge, experience, and skill set to protect your interests and to argue your case in court. You need an attorney that will thoroughly prepare your case for trial which strengthens your position in any litigation matter. We provide aggressive and strategic representation to protect what matters most to our clients.

Types of Commercial and Business Litigation Cases

Reeves Law Firm has the experience and expertise to handle the following types of litigation cases:

  • Acquisitions
  • Business Contracts
  • Business Disputes
  • Business Establishment and Organization
  • Contract Disputes
  • Contract Drafting and Interpretation
  • Corporation Disputes
  • Corporation Establishment and Organization
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Mergers
  • Partnerships
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Property Damage
  • Purchases and Divestitures
  • Shareholder Litigation
  • Transactions
  • Wrongful Death 

What Are the Basic Steps of a Lawsuit

All litigation begins with a “Complaint” or a “Petition.” This is a legal document that opens the case in an Arkansas court and sets forth the issues in the case. The defendant must file an Answer to the Complaint or Petition and, generally, that Answer must be filed within thirty (30) days or a default judgment against the Defendant may be filed. Filing a proper Complaint and filing a proper Answer are extremely crucial to a case because one faulty mistake can significantly impact your position and your case. 

After the initial Complaint and Answer are filed, the litigating parties then have the opportunity to "discover" what information, documentation, and evidence the opposing party may use a trial. This process is called the Discovery phase of the case. Discovery involves sending Interrogatories, Requests for Production, and other requests and inquiries to the opposing party. Interrogatories are questions that must be answered truthfully and Requests for Production request that the opposing party produce and show you what important documents, information, and evidence that could be introduced into evidence at trial. Discovery may also include the interviewing or "Deposition" of the opposing party, witnesses, or other parties with knowledge of the case at hand.

After the discovery phase, both sides should have a good idea of what the opposing party is likely to argue and what they are going to introduce into evidence at a trial. If the parties cannot come to a mutual agreement to settle the matter, then the parties will establish a court date and set it for a trial.

Located in Batesville, Arkansas, the lawyers at Reeves Law Firm provide representation to clients in a variety of litigation matters including business litigation, commercial litigation, estate litigation, and personal injury litigation.

We have the experience to get you through all phases of your legal dispute from the initial court filings, to discovery, settlement, and trial. We are located in Batesville, Arkansas, and we serve all surrounding areas including Ash Flat, Greers Ferry, Heber Springs, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Melbourne, Mountain View, Mountain Home, Newport, Salem, and Searcy. Call us today for a free consultation 870-376-4455.