About Us

Reeves Law Firm is a client-focused, technologically advanced law firm focusing on Business & Corporate Law, Elder Law and Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning, Family Law, General Litigation, Personal Injury, Probate, and Real Estate. What sets us apart is two-fold: our immediate responsiveness to our clients and superior-efficiency by using technology and advanced software to streamline our processes and cut down on time spent, overhead, and papers being shuffled.

Reeves Law Firm operates like a business which means that (i) everything is scrutinized with a close eye, (ii) we are always working to improve our processes and services, (iii) we utilize the power and efficiency of technology, and (iv) we work diligently to cut down on time wasted and unproductive, slow-moving tasks. We are completely centered around the goal of providing fast, aggressive, results-driven, and cost-efficient legal services. When you call Reeves Law Firm, you are connected to someone who can answer your question every time, ensuring an efficient, direct line of communication.

Every industry depends upon adaptation, development, and properly utilizing the capabilities of technology and we think that a law firm is no different. We are bringing the way a law firm operates into the modern age. Gone are the days of lost papers and files, unresponsive attorneys, delayed projects, and slow-moving legal services!

Our clients always come first and we work diligently to achieve the best possible results for our clients in the most cost efficient manner.