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Family law in Arkansas consists of legal matters relating to divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, adoption, grandparent’s rights, paternity, and so much more. At Reeves Law Firm in Batesville, Arkansas, we understand how difficult dealing with these family law matters can be and we are here to help you get through them!

Divorce in Arkansas

In the State of Arkansas, you are required to inform the court of the “grounds” for divorce. This means that you must have a reason for seeking a divorce rather than “we just fell out of love.” Common grounds for divorce are: (1) impotency; (2) felony conviction; (3) habitual drunkenness for one year; (4) adultery; (5) living separate and apart for at least eighteen continuous months without cohabitation; and (6) such general indignities that render life intolerable, which is the most common ground.

A divorce can be either “contested” or “uncontested.” If your divorce is uncontested, you and your spouse have come to an agreement as to all matters surrounding the divorce, such as property distribution, alimony, and child custody. If your divorce is uncontested, Reeves Law Firm can handle your divorce for a flat fee, and you can be divorced in as little as thirty (30) days! If your divorce is contested, you need a highly skilled attorney to fight for you and the rights that you accumulated during the marriage.  

Child Custody and Visitation in Arkansas

At Reeves Law Firm, we understand how emotionally tolling and sensitive matters that involve your children can be. If you are seeking custody, visitation, or any rights at all to your children, we are here to help you. Child Custody and Visitation issues typically arise after a “breakup” of some form, whether it be a divorce or an intimate relationship that comes to an end. Custody is dependent on several factors, such as primary caretaker status, stability, the child’s wishes, the home, and any other factor that the Court can use to determine the best interest of the child or children involved. These factors, and others, are why it is so important for you to hire a skilled attorney to navigate the details of your case for you. We can help you fight for your children in any situation that arises.

Spousal Support in Arkansas

Contrary to popular belief, Arkansas is an “alimony state.” Spousal support is determined on the payee’s need for the support and the payor’s ability to pay. There are many factors that the Court will consider when determining whether or not someone needs alimony. These factors include, but are not limited to: (1) financial circumstances; (2) past standard of living; (3) length of the marriage; (4) condition of health and medical needs; (5) value of jointly owned property; and (6) property awarded or given to one of the parties. At Reeves Law Firm, we can help you gather the documents that you need to prove that you need alimony or defend any claims that your spouse has for seeking spousal support from you.

Child Support in Arkansas

The law surrounding child support in Arkansas took a drastic change in July 2020. Now, you cannot simply look at a chart to determine the amount of child support that you will pay or receive. Child support is now determined based on the amount of gross income that each parent earns, as well as other payments that each parent pay for medical expenses, health insurance, etc. The recent change to the Arkansas support law as well as the other complexities that come along with determining child support is why we highly recommend hiring an attorney that can provide you with an accurate calculation and help you determine if any other circumstances should be argued to either lower the obligation or raise it.

Paternity in Arkansas

In Arkansas, a child born out of wedlock is considered to be in the custody of the mother. The child’s father does not have any rights to the child without establishing paternity. It is important to establish those rights quickly. At Reeves Law Firm, we believe that a father should have equal rights to his child. Call us today for a free consultation to get started!

Adoptions in Batesville, Arkansas

Adoptions are very near and dear to our hearts. We love seeing families grow and we treat adoptions with the care that it deserves. Adoption can be a long, complicated, and expensive process, often too much for some families. If the biological parent consents to the adoption, we can handle it for a flat fee and get you through the process without the complication. Contested adoptions tend to be quite complicated, but we are experienced and equipped to help you through it.


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