Arkansas Litigation Attorneys

General litigation in Arkansas includes any legal dispute that has been submitted to a court. It requires an attorney with the legal knowledge and skill to fight on your behalf and argue your case in court. There are many steps in the general litigation process, a lot more than just going to court.

All litigation begins with a “Complaint” or a “Petition.” This is a legal document that opens the case in an Arkansas court and sets forth the issues in the case. The complaint or petition must be answered within thirty (30) days or a motion to dismiss should be filed.

For contested matters, discovery is also conducted. Discovery is the process of formally preparing your side of the case. It involves sending Interrogatories and Requests for Production to the opposing party. Interrogatories are questions that must be answered truthfully and Request for Production help provide you with important documents that you may need to fully and completely argue your side of the case.

After the discovery phase, most parties decide to settle or come to an agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, the matter goes to trial or a hearing to settle the issues in court.

The lawyers at Reeves Law Firm in Batesville, Arkansas provide representation to clients in a variety of litigation matters, including family law and criminal law. We have the experience to get you through all of the phases involved in you legal dispute. Call us today for a free consultation 870-376-4455.


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